Al Majlis

The Traditional Style

Al Majlis tent is inspired by the traditional icon of GCC countries. This particular tent has the ability to join its modern and advance components with its' traditional and cultural characteristics. The uses of this tent can be as an extension area for a private house or for different gatherings. Al Fares Intl. Tents offer more than just a tent, it offers an experience. The Majlis tent is fully customized and tailored from beginning to end to match the customer’s taste and requirements.

Our Majlis tents have a unique and special quality due to the range of options we offer with it. the majlis tent as seen here can have different interiors in order to match different opinions and different styles.

Other than the fabric, the characteristics that are available for the majlis tent are external important in terms of variation. Al Fares gives you many choices of tables and different accessories that give this tent the unique quality it deserves. Majlis tent consists of a solid structure of steel resistant to strong winds and with the following layers:

  1. Natural thick hair to withstand extreme weather.
  2. Rock wool insulation.
  3. PVC coated polyester resistant to fire.

Inner lining: VIP: a layer of wood, then Foam and fabric as per request Ordinary: Sado fabric colour as per request

Tent Specification

The way this tent is designed allows it to go to different length and sizes. this specific tent has an unlimited size that is adjustable according to demand. This unique quality allows the Majlis tent to remain one of our most valued and important tents. Our Majlis tent allows for different individuals to experience and feel connected to tradition and culture.

Side Wall Types


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