Multi Storey Structures
Executive Quality Accommodation

Al Fares’ multi-storey tents can be customised into either a two-storey or three-storey structure to meet clients requirements. A multi-storey marquee is beneficial for multiple reasons, one of them being the ability to save space. Multiple floors can be used as the perfect blank canvas to host different activities for the guest, no matter what the event is!

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Royal Hall
For the Spacious Interior

A Royal Hall lives up to its name. It can create a regal atmosphere for different events, from private to corporate. In addition, a Royal Hall's exceptional size and interior can be a tremendous blank campus to portray products, services, or ideas to a vast audience.

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AlFares Cube
High Roof Cubic Structure

A cube tent is an elevated and geometrical take on the traditional tent. It is well-suited for your exhibition displays, conventions, seminars, entertainment events, and much more! A structure simple in form yet multifaceted in function, the Al Fares Cube is a playground for creativity. You can enhance the tentʼs features with minimal adjustments on its facade or by entirely transforming the structure's interiors using custom walls, roofs, and fit-outs.

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Arch Marquee
A Unique Shape

Arch tents are widely used around the globe for hosting exhibitions, conventions, events, and more. The arch on the roof of this tent makes the shape intriguing and playful. In addition, its interiors can be experimented with to make it look more modern and exciting. The tent can be customised as per the client's specifications.

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Resort Tents
Luxury Outdoor Tents

Resort Tents are the most suitable marquee structure for outdoor gatherings, glamping, and events. They guarantee comfortable and convenient accommodation. The length of the tent allows enough room for varying elements in a temporary home, like a bathroom, bedroom, kitchenette, living area, and more.

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Majestic Polygon Marquee
Catering to Massive Needs

Polygon-shaped marquees have a unique mansard roof design which provides more inner space for lighting. Al Fares' Majestic tents are bright, sturdy, and dynamic. Owing to its size and high ceilings, you can ornament the interiors of the tent according to your needs and wants. The tent can be customised in size to fit the requirement of the client. This spacious outdoor tent can accommodate a large group of people.

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Classical A-Frame Marquee
Classical Style

A Classical marquee is a temporary structure with limitless potential. The architecture of the Classical marquee is a staple for corporate and business events, exhibitions, displays, storage, industrial usage, parties, and more!

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AlFares Arena
Shade for Community

Al Fares' Arena is distinguished because of the space and comfort it offers to its users. The Arena is on of the largest tent options available at Al Fares. Also, we provide fit-outs, interiors, and furniture like seating, tables, doors, carpets, linings, curtains, etc., tailored to fit your event theme.

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Pagoda Marquee
For Multiple Use

A Pagoda Tent is an excellent add-on to your upcoming event! Al Fares' pyramidal and high-peaked pagoda tent is used for outdoor seating arrangements, shelters, pop-up stalls, and more! An average-sized pagoda tent can perfectly fit into any venue and provide high value and usage.

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Prefabricated Buildings
Portable Structures

Durable, lightweight, economical, re-locatable, and energy-efficient, prefabricated buildings and structures are in huge demand.

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Wedding Tents
Beautiful Wedding Marquees

Whether planning a memorable wedding for limited guests or organising an extravagant celebration with hundreds of guests, Al Fares' Wedding marquees has got you covered. Our team will assist you in establishing temporary structures that are entirely customisable in terms of complexity, patterns, themes, colours, and designs.

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Ramadan Tents
A Cultural Touch

Al Fares' Ramadan tents are the perfect blend of modern technology and traditional elegance. They embody the essence of Arabian tradition and enhance the beauty of Arab customs.

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AlFares Majlis
The Traditional Style

Majlis halls or Arabian Marquees are elite temporary structures pertaining specifically to countries located in the Gulf. Majlis tents have a rich heritage value and are a famous symbol representing the social fabrics of Arabic culture. These halls are used in commercial centres, malls, exhibitions, parks, gardens, villas, and hotels.

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