VIP Container Toilets

Luxurious Sophistication: Unveiling the Grandeur of VIP Container Toilets

Redesign opulence at your high-end outdoor events with our bespoke VIP Container Toilets. Imbued with contemporary elegance and deluxe amenities, our lavatories offer an unparalleled level of comfort, whether it’s a wedding, corporate function, sports extravaganza, cultural festival, or construction site. Discover our exclusive range meticulously crafted for luxurious occasions and gatherings across Dubai, UAE, KSA, and throughout the GCC, promising an extraordinary experience.

Revolutionizing personalization

Our VIP Container Toilets offer an unmatched level of adaptability, becoming a reflection of your unique style. The outer frame can be customized with a stunning range of materials—glass, wood, steel, and more— and you can customize all the details in the container from doors to windows, floors, and the container colour, each element is meticulously tailored to your exact specifications.

Internally, these containers are a blank canvas for your imagination, seamlessly transforming to cater precisely to your desires. Whether it's a setting for two or accommodating larger groups of four or eight, you can also modify the interior design, like adding showers or toilets for disabled people, and much more to elevate the experience, prioritizing comfort and convenience at every turn.

VIP Container Toilets Sizes

  • Height 2.60 M
  • Width 2.44 M
  • Length 6 or 12 M

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