Royal Hall
For the Spacious Interior

A Royal Hall lives up to its name. It can create a regal atmosphere for different events, from private to corporate. In addition, a Royal Hall's exceptional size and interior can be a tremendous blank campus to portray products, services, or ideas to a vast audience. Because of its unlimited possibilities for expansion and modular structure, this high-end Royal Hall can be customized in a way that meets your demands at the location available to you. Al Fares International is well known for its capability to deploy large and complex structures with in a short timeline ensuring smooth functioning and success of any event. 

The PVC fabric makes the temporary structure effective for all kinds of weather, whether windy, rain or shine.

Sidewalls of these tents can be covered with glass and rigid panels to set the ambience the client is aiming for. Our Royal Hall structures can also be converted to a two-storey structure to allow additional floor space. Al Fares can also customize the tents to add branding or personalization to the structure as per client requirements.

The Royal structure is suitable for any events that deserve a luxurious look and feel—business exhibitions, product displays, product launches, military exhibitions, trade exhibitions, and more.

Tent Specification

Clear Span Width : 10 - 40 M
Side Height : 7 - 12 M
Center Height : 9 - 14 M
Maximum Length : Customizable

optional accessories