Resort Tents
Luxury Outdoor Tents

Resort Tents are the most suitable marquee structure for outdoor gatherings, glamping, and events. They guarantee comfortable and convenient accommodation. The length of the tent allows enough room for varying elements in a temporary home, like a bathroom, bedroom, kitchenette, living area, and more. These tents are most suitable for personal use, like family trips or for commercial shelter by a resort company.

Resort tents are manufactured with durable PVC polyester fabric and are made to be relatively firmer than other tents, as they must resist any potential damage due to different weathers. The deployment of Resort tents is rapid.

Resort tents are structurally planned to be adaptable to sustainable architecture. We offer you a resort tent that can withstand extreme climate conditions. The Al Fares Resort tents are semi-permanent in nature. However, if requested, we can install a tent that is ideal for long term usage.

The interiors are fully customisable in terms of colours, patterns, designs, and additional accessories. We offer to furnish the tent with temporary furnishings like storage, linings, curtains, and washroom fit-outs.