Multi Storey Structures
Executive Quality Accommodation

Al Fares’ multi-storey tents can be customized into either a two-storey or three-storey structure to meet clients’ requirements. A multi-storey marquee is beneficial for multiple reasons, one of them being the ability to save space. Multiple floors can be used as the perfect blank canvas to host different activities for the guest, no matter what the event is!

Al Fares' temporary structures are primarily made of durable PVC fabric, making the tents and marquees hard-wearing and weatherproof. Our high-end multi-storey tents can withstand extreme environmental conditions, temperature, humidity, and resist UV radiation. These highly functional fabrics come in multiple color ranges, light transmissions, and tensile strengths. Al Fares builds the frame of multi-storey tents with top of grade steel or aluminum, which further assures stability in our novel temporary structures.

Sports events, exhibitions, social gatherings, corporate events —we can tailor Al Fares' sturdy and robust multi-storey temporary structures according to your event's needs! Our designs are available in various size options, depending on how many people you wish to host for your event. These two-storey structures can also be carefully designed to create a space for unobstructed panoramic views across multiple floors if requested by a client.

Based on the client’s requirements, Al Fares can also source furniture and other fit-outs for decorating the interiors of the tent, like carpets, linings, curtains, sofas, chairs, tables, and more! All of our embellishments are of supreme quality and exude high class.

Al Fares' two-storey & three-storey tents and marquees are made with thought, ensuring the utmost safety and appreciative ambiance. You can use them in many creative ways to showcase your purpose with elegance and royalty.

Tent Specification


Width: 5 M -  Unlimited 

Floor Height: 3 - 4 M

Maximum Length: Unlimited

Roof : Open Terrace with Plywood Floor Finish

Tent Specification

Clear Span Width: 5 -  50 M 

Side Height:

        Ground Floor :  3 - 4 M

        Mezzanine Floor: 3 -4 M

Maximum Length: Unlimited

Roof : PVC Fabric