Majestic Polygon Marquee
Catering to Massive Needs

Polygon-shaped marquees have a unique mansard roof design which provides more inner space for lighting. Al Fares' Majestic tents are bright, sturdy, and dynamic. Owing to its size and high ceilings, you can ornament the interiors of the tent according to your needs and wants. The tent can be customised in size to fit the requirement of the client.

This spacious outdoor tent can accommodate a large group of people. In addition, the massive size of a majestic tent allows the event organizer to divide the floor space into segments to make the visitor's experience more convenient and engaging.

The roof can be elevated by using glass walls and roof slabs. The fabric is made with PVC, implying that the structure will be durable, wind-resistant, flame retardant and UV resistant.

The client can also customise the fabric's colour and patterns to create the best and most ideal structure for an event. The aluminium or steel-based frame of the semi-permanent structure makes the tent secure. You can use the Majestic tent for many occasions, such as product launches, promotional campaigns, concerts, indoor sports facilities, medical missions, government, military conventions and exhibitions, and other official uses.

Tent Specification

Clear Span Width : 15 – 60 M
Side Height : 4 – 6 M
Middle Height : 5.5  – 15.4 M
Maximum Length : Customizable