Cantilever Car Parking Shades

Al Fares provides high-grade cantilever car parking shades and sails across the Middle East. The brand has been a leading installer and manufacturer of tensile car parking shades with best-in-class industry expertise. A cantilever design is modern, unique and makes prime use of real estate by taking up less space and providing high value. This elegant design has had increased demand in the past few years for its luxurious look.

Our cantilever car parking shades have a long protruding beam fixed at only one end, offering ease of movement for vehicles. The fabric material is quality PVC which protects transport vehicles from rain, sun and wind.

Our frames are made up of high-grade beams of steel or aluminium. Al Fares' car parking shade can be customised to accommodate cars, buses, trucks,  bikes, and other types of vehicles. Our expert team can install the parking shed at any desired location. The cantilever car sheds are available in different sizes and dimensions as per the demand and requirement of the clients.