Arch Marquee
A Unique Shape

Arch tents are widely used around the globe for hosting exhibitions, conventions, events, and more. The arch on the roof of this tent makes the shape intriguing and playful. In addition, its interiors can be experimented with to make it look more modern and exciting. The tent can be customised as per the client's specifications.

The arches in the roof give a very delicate architectural feel to the look of the tent. At the same time, the client is assured that the structure is solid and reliable. The curved roof shape and self-supporting aluminium structure make it unique and suitable for hosting sports and gaming events, weddings, spectator stands, and business lounges.

In addition, we use flame-retardant, UV-stabilized, and weather-resistant PVC fabrics to make them more durable. We can stretch the arch tents lengthwise as much as the clients like to create the ideal space for your event. The skeletal frame of the temporary structure is made of galvanised aluminium or steel.

Tent Specification

Clear-Span Width : 10 - 50 M

Side Height : 3.5 - 6 M

Middle Height : 5.5 - 12.5 M

Maximum Length : Customizable