Alfares Majlis
The Traditional Style

Majlis halls or Arabian Marquees are elite temporary structures pertaining specifically to countries located in the Gulf. Alfares Majlis tents have a rich heritage value and are a famous symbol representing the social fabrics of Arabic culture.

These halls are used in commercial centres, malls, exhibitions, parks, gardens, villas, and hotels. Our exquisite selection of majlis tent rentals is functional and breathtaking. Al Fares' years of experience and attention-to-detail provide you with light, elegant, and fancy tents for your festivities and occasions!

Our tents vary in designs, patterns, and colours. Al Fares' temporary Majlis tent can be modernised to suit an event's aesthetics, but the traditional essence of the structure remains the same. The tent can be customised to be larger than average if the client wishes to accommodate more people.

The structure is made of PVC fabric which makes the form durable. The Majlis tent can also be deployed as a semi-permanent or permanent structure as a space for outdoor gatherings or an extended seating area outside a private home.