Alfares Cube
High Roof Cubic Structure

A cube tent is an elevated and geometrical take on the traditional tent. It is well-suited for your exhibition displays, conventions, seminars, entertainment events, and much more! A structure simple in form yet multifaceted in function, the Al Fares Cube is a playground for creativity. You can enhance the tentʼs features with minimal adjustments on its facade or by entirely transforming the structure's interiors using custom walls, roofs, and fit-outs.

The tent is made up PVC fabric, which makes the semi-permanent structure long-lasting. The PVC fabric keeps any discolouration of the material at bay and is easy to maintain. Al Fares manufactures all of its tent structures on its own, allowing you to customize the fabric, like the colour, prints, and patterns.

Our cube tent is available in multiple sizes and can be adjusted depending on the number of people it is supposed to host as well as its purpose. In addition, we provide you with varying options of different cladding, and other overlay components. The unconventional and firm structure of the cube tent is one of the most up-and-coming tent design options that we offer!

Tent Specification

Clear Span Width: 10 - 40 M
Side Height : 4 -6  M
Center Height : 6-10 M
Maximum Length : Customizable