Emirates Field Hospital

The Emirates Field Hospital was the first temporary COVID-19 medical facility built in the UAE. The makeshift yet full-fledged hospital even included VIP amenities. The hospital was planned, manufactured and deployed by Al Fares in record time. The company built two hospitals in 5 weeks, with one being located in Dubai and the other one in Abu Dhabi.

This project was special for the team, as it was a massive step towards mitigating the hardships that the pandemic clouded the country with.

The temporary hospital had 300 rooms with attached toilets. The capacity was up to 600 Beds. The entire hospital was fully furnished with adequate floor space, equipment, tables, beds, chairs, and more.

This project was testing as access and supply of resources were restricted owing to the lockdown. However, the team at Al Fares made it happen with their grit and determination. It was a fulfilling experience that taught innovation and compassion to the personnel at the company!

  • Type
  • Total Area Covered
  • Capacity
  • Year of Completion
  • Location
    Dubai, Abu Dhabi
  • Services Provided
    Fully Furnished Temporary Hospital Structure with VIP treatment facilities