Emirates Airline Rugby 7s

The Dubai Sevens is an annual rugby sport and social event held at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai, UAE. It is one of the many endeavours by the Emirates airline company.

Founded in 1970, the event is the longest-running sports event in the Middle East. The event attracts thousands of international players, spectators and sponsors alike.

Al Fares took on the project to provide temporary structures for the elite event. The facilities were built for two distinct objectives. Firstly, wide tents were installed for registration, key activations and other purposes. Secondly, we established deluxe arrangements for the VIP guests at the event. The structures were a testament to excellence, with both comprising an astonishing viewing deck.

  • Type
    Multiple Structures
  • Total Area Covered
    7500 Sqm
  • Capacity
  • Year of Completion
  • Location
  • Services Provided
    Temporary Structures