The Dakar Rally is one of the world's most thrilling rally raids, organised by the Amaury Sport Organisation. The event is an off-road endurance competition, wherein trained motorcycle riders, car and quads drivers, and more battle to traverse in harsh terrains.

The route, naturally, has pit stops that are set up to re-energise the players and refuel and repair their vehicles if needed. Al Fares partook as the tent solutions provider in the year 2021. Al Fares provided different structures for nine stopovers (Bivouacs) in the middle of the track. Each bivouac was located several 100 kilometres away.

It was a hurdle to transport the elements of the tents to the barren terrains, as the roads were rugged. However, we accomplished the project with triumph. The semi-permanent structures were for the stopovers, media rooms, event offices, catering, and more.

  • Type
    Multiple Structures
  • Total Area Covered
    36000 Sqm
  • Capacity
  • Year of Completion
  • Location
    Saudi Arabia
  • Services Provided
    Temporary Structures, Furniture and Accessories