Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry across the globe requires temporary structures for multiple uses. Al Fares' clearspan tents are modular and suitable for the storage of tanks and heavy machineries used in and around crude mines. Semi-permanent structures are also necessary for adequate- sized break rooms and overnight stay facilities for workers, miners and other officers on site. The tents by Al Fares can be adjusted for permanent or long-term usage as well, in case the oil extractions are scheduled for more than a year.

Our tents, manufactured in house, are canopied by PVC fabric, which implies the tents are waterproof, UV resistant and flame retardant. Appropriate safety measures are taken when it comes to building projects for the oil energy industry, as there is a risk of fire or spilling. The frames are thick enough to withstand extreme heated locations, and the structure is laid on hard-pressed extruded anodized aluminum and high quality steel.