Industrial Warehousing

A temporary warehouse close to the site of construction or operation is remedial for multiple reasons. It saves time, cost and energy to travel between the two locations back and forth. Furthermore, a temporary warehouse is limitless when it comes to sizing and modifications instead of a warehouse made of permanent components. With the versatile range of options that Al Fares, storage tents provide, the client can opt for any suitable layout and incorporate elements of a comprehensive warehouse to make their procedures more straightforward.

Inventory check and storage of your goods can become highly efficient with a temporary setup! Al Fares tents have roofs and sidewalls covered made of double coated PVC fabric. The fabrics are waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant and tear-resistant. The warehouse tent frames are made up of high-grade aluminium or steel, making the structure resistant to wind and rains. Our team is willing to go the distance and build industrial tent warehouses for dynamic needs.