Government and Military Tents

Semi-permanent structures are widely used as army shelters, military base camps, barracks, warehousing for weaponry, disaster recovery, make-shift amenities for food, water, health, and more! The tents can also be used for government officiated rehabilitation centers, government events, and semi-permanent accommodations.

Al Fares' tents are made up of PVC fabric, making them heatproof, waterproof, and suitable for rugged outdoor use. The temporary structures can be deployed promptly with the expertise of our team. The layout and design are flexible and can be adjusted to fit the needs of the client. Military tents for hangars and sunshades, warehouse, storage, are constructed with high roofs to facilitate the movement of large military trucks, tanks, aircrafts and other vehicles in and out of them.

Our team also provides mechanisms for temperature control, like centralized heating and cooling systems.