Events and Entertainments

Al Fares International is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tents for events in UAE and Saudi Arabia, exhibitions, and entertainment market sectors. For over four decades, Al Fares has helped hosting the biggest entertainment events and exhibitions across the Middle East.

The tents we provide are unique, modern, and luxurious. Specialized in rapid deployment of complicated and simple structures alike, and our construction workers are efficient and well- trained. They are a testament to the sturdiness we aim for. All the tents are interesting and distinct in their own ways and have unique features that make them suitable for multiple uses in the events. Our team can accessorize the interiors of the temporary tent as well, with the most premium carpets, linings, floors, wall claddings, furniture, and more!

Our range of tents is very multifaceted. We offer products for weddings, trade exhibitions, corporate events, entertainment functions, performances, concerts, shows, and much more!