Al Fares was able to gather a team of skilled and dedicated engineers that have mastered the construction of tents, mobile halls, prefabricated buildings, and more. Our engineers continue to provide us with the best solutions, as we at Al Fares, follow British and American standards.


In Al Fares, we try our best to bring out the finest in every department to ensure our customers get the finest quality of products and services. The design team in our company is trained, experienced, and skilled in designing exceptional and innovative designs.


Our team is well trained and able to achieve success with the installation and uninstallation of our products. Our well trained team has been studying and analyzing this method in order to perfect, deliver, and install any structure possible. In Al Fares, we are the best in our service of installation and we continue to be the fastest, most efficient, and organized.

OSHA Policy

Al Fares makes sure the installation of all products is done by our team under the OSHA policy which protects them at any cost and need. Our team is extremely important to us, and protecting them is our duty and responsibility.

The OSHA approved code of practice is OSHA specific and all business operational processes must be carried out in accordance with this Approved Code of Practice.

  • Our goal is to be devoted to the best practices to prevent any injury that may occur to the individuals on our team.
  • We fulfill all the requirements of the OSHA that we know will benefit and help the environment.
  • Achieve the highest standard for safety and operation.
  • Plan and perform work in harmony with the OSHA Management System.
  • Ensure that personnel are trained in OSHA and motivate the personnel to ensure constant awareness of the OSHA objectives.


In Al Fares, our team comes first and protecting them and their health is one of our greatest obligations.



In Al Fares, maintenance is one of our biggest sectors. In order to perfect the excellence of the products, our team makes sure we have the highest quality of products as they make sure the products remain clean and in excellent condition. This also includes detecting any defects on the structure, PVC, hoods, and flooring leaving no room for mistakes.

Our Tent Values

Pick a tent that best suits your need and budget

Al Fares Intl. Tents aspires for a worldwide leading market position by delivering outstanding engineering solutions for tents, shading solutions, temporary structures and marquees reinforcing world-wide corporate alliances, and keeping principled morals and values as our foundation for success and growth to meet the needs of our society.

Working To Cover The World by providing the finest products to our clients that in result exceed their expectations locally and internationally through the availability of custom made tents that satisfy many different desires and needs, allowing us to become part of special occasions and making them achievable, and being the leaders in our category.

We work under the moralities of honesty, transparency, and reliability to guarantee our customers only get the greatest service and products. we aim to achieve the highest admiration from our customers through respect and hard work.


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