Car Parking Shades

Cantilever Car Parking Shades

Al Fares provides high-grade cantilever car parking shades and sails across the Middle East.

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Double Sided Parking Shades

Double-sided parking shades work exceptionally well for commercial and residential properties where space is a major issue.

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Dual base Parking Shades

Al Fares’ dual base parking shade will shield the vehicles from the harshest of weather conditions.

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Umbrella Car Parking Shades

Umbrella Design Car Parking Shades are modern canopy-like tensile structures used widely to cover vehicles.

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Wall Mounted Parking Shades

Al Fares' Wall Mounted Car Parking Shades are very viable and functional structures, as they are directly fixed onto a wall. This feature makes the car parking shade extremely popular and considered an excellent style for commercial and residential uses.

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