Backed by exceptional innovation and decades of experience, Al Fares International Tents specialized in manufacturing, supply, and installation of first-class tents, shading solutions, temporary structures, marquees, and Porta cabins across UAE and the Middle East. Providing tents and marquee solutions to businesses across the horizon and, has led the company to colossal heights since its inception.

Al Fares International Tents is one of the leading marquee manufacturer and supplier based in the UAE,  with branches in 5 locations, 900+ employees and a 1.5 million square feet production unit, offering state-of-the-art tents, marquees, and parking shades solutions throughout the Middle East region.

Our clientele is an amalgamation of businesses from diverse industries, including events, entertainment, government, military, aviation, and more.



Al Fares International Tents aspire for a worldwide leading market position by delivering outstanding engineering solutions for tents, shading solutions, temporary structures and marquees reinforcing world-wide corporate alliances, and keeping principled morals and values as our foundation for success and growth to meet the needs of our society.


Working To Cover The World by providing the finest products to our clients that in result exceed their expectations locally and internationally through the availability of custom made tents that satisfy many different desires and needs, allowing us to become part of special occasions and making them achievable, and being the leaders in the temporary fabric structures and prefabricated buildings industry.

Ethics, quality, precision in project management, human rights, and strong governance are the key drivers of our business strategy. We take full responsibility for all our actions, and our people care deeply about doing the right thing when it comes to catering to your temporary structure requirements. Through meticulous planning, design, engineering, and project management, we ensure your project is outstanding. Our combined success is built on trust, compliance, and ensuring safety in everything we do. Adding value to our clients and creating opportunities for our people is what we are committed to while enabling a seamless journey of the project from conception to completion. As we lead through change, innovation, and providing bespoke structural solutions, the unique strengths of our team and the diversity of solutions we offer make us who we are. We take pride in how our people continue to deliver on their commitments to add value to our clients, their events, and communities. Having a culturally diverse team has proven to help our company in many ways. We always believe that an inclusive workplace brings people more closer to the business.  At Al-Fares, we ensure our people and our clients are always equipped for success. Together, through proficiency and technology, we make this company what it is.


Concept and Consultation

  • Analysis
  • Consultation
  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Design
  • Performance Specification
  • Project Development



Planning and Implementation:

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing
  • Production
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Assembling
  • Health and Safety
  • Commissioning


  • Site Management
  • Facility Management
  • Staff Management

Removal and Reuse:

  • Dismantling
  • Reuse
  • Storage
  • Recycling
  • Disposal
  • Many
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0