Al Majlis

Al Majlis

The Traditional Style

Al Majlis tent is inspired by the traditional icon of GCC countries.

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Poly Tent

High Peak Roof Structure

Al Fares Poly Tents structure is best suitable for festivals and other outdoor events. It looks more similar to our dome tents structures but adding a high peak system makes it very attractive for different entertainment and festival events.

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Steel Tent

For Heavy Duty

The Steel tent provides the quality solution for big storage structures for manufacturing and contracting industries, housing for a temporary project, warehouse, commercial and industrial purpose.

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Diamond Tent

Geometrical View & 360 Projection Tent

Astonished your guest with a wonderful and unique structure. Submerge them with a fantastic geometrical view, eye catchy and set your event apart with the round 360 projection tent with vertical panels.

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Majestic Tent

Catering to Massive Needs

With its unique mansard and polygonal shape roof design and the very high center height provides more inner space for lightning and tent accessories to make it more eye-catching.

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Arch Tent

A Unique Shape

The Arch Tents can be stretched lengthwise as much as you like or allied to other structures to create the ideal space for your event.

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Double Decker Tent

When your guests deserve executive quality accommodation

The Double Decker Tent provides everything your guests deserve: class, exclusivity, and space. These double-deck structures not only provide an enormous amount of space, but also a fantastic view.

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Classical Tent

Most Demanded

Our Classical Tent Structure can be installed in any location our clients can prefer. The structure provides an extra good horizon and an impression of roominess.

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Royal Hall

For the Spacious Interior

Royal Hall can create a different atmosphere for different events, including business and trade exhibitions, military exhibitions, and so on.

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Dome Tent

Multiple Uses

Our peak shaped dome tents roof structures ideal for product placement, garden celebration, restaurant shishas and lounges, exhibition stalls, pop up shops, Bazar uses, and much more.

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