Poly Tent

Al Fares Tents are Manufactured in the United Arab Emirates

Al Fares Intl. Tents provides a wide collection of Polygonal tents for your homes, weddings and different usages. Tents of up to 12 meters in width, without any internal columns, the way it can be customized according to our client desire.

Al Fares Polygonal tent is offered in different colors and forms with many types of doors and windows, in addition to a selection of different dimensions and different facades. They can be equipped with a wide range of luxurious accessories such as satin curtains, covers and chandeliers lighting. in addtion to different sized air conditioning units and luxurious carpeting for the floors.

Polygonal halls are providing the best use of space . Polygonal halls can be used for meetings, weddings, exhibitions or sporting events.

Available Sizes

Span (L2): 9.00 m
Overall Width (L3): 9.40 m
Gable Bay (L1): 4.50 m
Total Height (H3): 7.60 m

Span (L2): 6.00 m
Overall Width (L3): 6.40 m
Gable Bay (L1): 3.00 m
Total Height (H3): 6.95 m

Span (L2): 7.00 m
Overall Width (L3): 7.40 m
Gable Bay (L1): 3.50 m
Total Height (H3): 7.00 m

Span (L2): 8.00 m
Overall Width (L3): 8.40 m
Gable Bay (L1): 4.00 m
Total Height (H3): 7.20 m

Span (L2): 9.00 m
Overall Width (L3): 9.40 m
Gable Bay (L1): 4.50 m
Total Height (H3): 7.60 m

Span (L2): 10.00 m
Overall Width (L3): 10.40 m
Gable Bay (L1): 5.00 m
Total Height (H3): 8.10 m

Span (L2): 11.00 m
Overall Width (L3): 11.40 m
Gable Bay (L1): 5.50 m
Total Height (H3): 8.40 m

Side Wall Types


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